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District Council

District Council is the principal authority for legislation and control of the district, with certain reservations regarding a district referendum. The Council’s term length is four years, since the election day.

The Council Members are elected directly; separate provisions of law stipulate the general rules of election.

The Council has exclusive jurisdiction in the following matters:

Enactment of local laws, including but not limited to the District’s Charter; election and dismissal of the District Board; establishment of the Board’s Chair salary; election and dismissal, upon starosta’s call, of the Secretary and the Treasurer of the District (the Treasurer being the head accountant for the District’s budget); decisive power upon the policy directions of the Board; processing of the Board’s work reports, including but not limited to financial management reports, the District’s budget approval, budget execution report; the power to grant discharge (or not) to the Board, upon consideration of the aforementioned reports; enactment of laws regarding revenue levels and fees, in accordance with current law; enactment of laws regarding financial business of the District:

  1. Rules of acquisition, disposal, encumbrance or lease of real estate for a term longer than three years, unless relevant laws do not provide otherwise.
  2. The issue of bonds and the rules of their acquisition, disposal or buyout.
  3. Long-term borrowings.
  4. Establishment of the maximum short-term loans taken by the District Board; maximum loans and guarantees issued by the Board during financial year; expenses assumed as a result of investments and renovations the value of which exceeds the yearly limit established by the Council.
  5. Establishment of and accession to associations, societies, foundations and cooperatives; the authority to dissolve or leave them.
  6. Establishment of and accession to companies and partnerships; the authority to dissolve or leave them; establishment of the rules of contribution, acquisition, disposal or buyout of shares and stakes.
  7. Cooperation with other districts and municipalities, if a breakdown of assets to other entities is involved.
  8. Establishment, transformation, closure and assignment of assets to structure units.
  9. Laws regarding assuming government management tasks and assigning the management of public tasks. 
  10. Establishment of the limit of expenses possible to assume by the Board.
  11. Laws regarding cooperation with local communities of other countries and laws regarding joining international associations of local communities.
  12. Enactment of the district’s criminal prevention, citizen safety and public order preservation program.
  13. Enactment of the district’s program to counteract unemployment and foster local labour market.
  14. Assessment of fire safety and flood safety of the district.
  15. Laws regarding the flag and the coat of arms of the district.
  16. Laws regarding grants and scholarships for pupils and students.
  17. Laws regarding any other business prescribed by the law as the Council’s jurisdiction.
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