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Repatriation of corpses

Legal basis:

  1. Law on cemeteries and burial (Polish Journal of Laws, year 2000, issue no. 23, item 295 with subsequent alterations)

  2. Administrative Proceeding Code (Polish Journal of Laws, year 2000, issue no. 98, item 1071 with subsequent alterations)

  3. Regulation from the Minister of Health of 27.12.2007, regarding the issue of permissions for the transport of corpses and human remains

In accordance with item 44, chapter III of the Schedule to the Law of 16 July 2006, on stamp duties (Polish Journal of Laws, year 2012, issue no. 1282), the stamp duty for a permission for any human remains repatriation from a foreign country, in order to be buried on Polish territory, is waived.

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