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There are many thriving sports clubs and associations in the District of Jarocin, gathering kids, youth and adults. Many of them have become Polish, European or even world champions in their respective disciplines.

Football, cycling, judo, swimming, track and field, and many other disciplines are thriving in our district – such as taekwondo, chess, volleyball and rugby. School athletics remain of the highest interest of the district’s authorities, in particular because the schoolchildren have always been among the best of the best during regional national championships.

The district also hosts professional high-level sport events, such as Weightlifting Veterans’ National Championships and volleyball tournaments, featured by the best national teams. There’s an old tradition of cross-country running competitions in Żerków, as well as street running competitions in Jarocin and Chrzan.

Since 2011 Żerków municipality has seen a considerable development in cycling, thanks to the cooperation with MTB Team Sports Association Środa Wielkopolska. Wielkopolska Thule Cup Series’ competition was held during the first year of said cooperation. The next year a Polish MTB Cup Series’ competition was successfully held, which brought the highest-level competition to be held in 2013, jointly by MTB Team Sports Association and Żerków municipality, i.e. National Championships event.


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